The first developer-oriented translation tool

  • API, CLI
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Full history control and operations rollback
  • Simple yet powerful UI
  • Support for major frameworks
  • Open-source

Everything you need as a reviewer

  • Collaboration

    Use Accent to centralize your discussions around the strings. The interface makes it easy to follow conversations and see which strings are being discussed right now.

  • Search

    Powerful (yet simple) search feature makes finding the right string an easy task.

  • Smart languages

    Languages are working together in a master/slave relationship to provide better insights on which strings have changed and need to be reviewed again. Languages are tracked and not treated as simple file copies.

  • History

    Rollback, inspect and filter the project’s history with precious details. Never miss an update or an operation that has been made to your files.

Everything you need as a developer

  • GraphQL API

    Accent web app uses 100% of the GraphQL API, no custom endpoints or tricks! This makes it trivial to build native apps or framework integrations.

  • Integrations

    Webhooks or direct integration with Slack makes it easy to keep track of changes or build tools around Accent.

  • Command-line interface

    Accent comes with a CLI tool. The CLI is actually a wrapper of curl commands ;) It really shows how easy it can be integrated to your workflow.

  • Multi formats

    Upload iOS strings file and export an Android XML file! Use YAML in your Rails project but your translator uses a Gettext translation tool only available on Windows XP? No problem! Upload and export any format you want — comments, string order and state will follow everywhere.

Ready to get started?

Deploy Accent and start translating your project!