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In this section, we will deploy an instance of Accent!

Installing locally

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Run docker-compose
docker-compose up

This step will build the Accent docker image and the PostgreSQL image. It will then run the web interface on port 4000.

That’s it! This will spawn a working Accent instance with a dummy login. If you want to add (or test) the available logins, you can simply modify the variables in docker-compose.yml.

Installing in production

With dockerized Accent deployment, you can get your personal Accent instance up and running in seconds.

All of Accent’s dependencies are already included, except PostgreSQL. You will need a publicly accessible database instance. The database is not included in the docker image because we want to persists its state between deployment on stateless infrastructure ike Heroku. The database connection should also either have the role to install pg_trgm extension or have it already installed.

Some platform already have guides to deploy Elixir application in production:



Managed PostgreSQL